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Xinjiang local brand design agency  Ten years of professional experience in brand design,Successful service hundreds of enterprise! Design consultation special line400-0991-153          

Logo design

  Corporate logo logo 、Product trademark
  Meter ,Mark、The optimization design of trademarks

VI Design

  Employee's card、The envelope、Writing paper、File
  Bags、Store image such as a full set of identification system

Packaging design

  Product packaging、Packing bag、Portable
  Bags、Gift box、The container labeling design, etc


Propaganda materials design

  The picture album Brochures Posters The exhibition stand DM 
  Folding  Page flyer  Building book design, etc



Trademark registration(Brand protection)

 999Yuan/ADesign the customer premium price 
   59Within minutes Speed to declare the trademark office

|The latest caseNew Case                      +More and more

Xinjiang lijun xin kang pharmaceutical logo design

Dongguan, guangdong electronic technology company logo design

Xing jiang cow logo design catering management co., LTD

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Xinjiang habahe YunQuan hill logo design

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Xinjiang's radiation companylogoDesign

Urumqi new image xiangfang brand logo design

Xinjiang rhonda logo design construction engineering co., LTD

Shares of the crop in xinjiang group company logo design

Urumqi jade Mi mascot design
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The face of the Po catering brandsVIDesign

Bo le shangri-la hotel beyond the Great WallVIDesign

Real taste pepper MaJi especially clothVIUpgrade design

Love salam auto service company in xinjiangVIDesign

Xinjiang love salam real estate brandVIDesign

Urumqi grammy beauty makeup brandVIDesign

Beijing haidian district dongsheng experimental primary schoolVI

SAN DE mechanical and electrical equipment company in xinjiangVIDesign
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Shengfeng to taste yogurt, language series packaging design

The pointed chin brand sunflower packaging design

Xinjiang township fort wine cabernet sauvignon organic wine packaging design

Changji drinks gift box packing in yong Lin food co., LTD…

Urumqi is my preferred medical spray series design

In urumqi, xinjiang specialty unto thee bad or good or bad(Dried fruit)The packing set…

Ning Yang Qingzhen seasoning series product packaging

Xinjiang NongQiShi 124 regiment Gao Quan medlar big gift box packaging
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Catalog and green grassland in xinjiang meat and poultry food company

Xinjiang torme tomato seed oil roll up design

Urumqi west thermal jiang basketball camp flyer page design

Urumqi is my good doctor folding brochures of science and technology

Xinjiang journey international freight pictorial design

Shihezi, a force for the openingDM

Jisco living spring company in xinjiang(DM)A single page

Jiang xinjiang hutubi wall building materials picture album

  About the design without painting

Logo design
Logo design
VI(The enterprise image)Design
Packaging design
Brand design
The picture album design
Service project


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  The ground The address:China Xinjiang In urumqi Urban area Suzhou road hundred international square A1Seat8Layer806

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