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  • Fuji servoALPHA5 - Smart

  • Japan's electricity production new treasure reducer

  • ERSeries of handling palletizing robot and unit

  • Turbo PMAC Clipper

  • AceEMGSeries of servo motor

  • AceEMJSeries of servo motor

  • The British wittenDA100General linear ac servo system

  • The British wittenDA200High performance general ac servo system

  • PMAC2 PCI IIEight axis control card type

  • The configuration of nc system

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Single crystal copper hot mould continuous production technology transfer

A、A full set of technology transfer fee260Ten thousand yuan《Contains a set of equipment》2、The production specifications:2.5-3mm,Three to five crystal,24Hours of production50M,Can life continuously...


  • Five axis system of automatic hole equipment

  • Full digital aircraft flap actuator comprehensive performance test rig

  • Double housing planer transformation

  • Full digital geological exploration drilling machine control system

  • Double housing planer transformation