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Jining green seedling planting base

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Address:Jining Li Ying town of nursery stock market

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Jining green seedling planting base is specialized in producing green planting seedlings of direct selling nursery,We mainly provide all kinds of quality nursery stock,Main varieties:Ash seedlings、3To the30Cm fast-growing Chinese wax、8To the35Cm old pewter,Platane rootstocks、3To the50Cm platane,3To the25Cm fast-growing old pagoda tree,Especially in8/10/12/15Cm platane、White wax quality prominent,Plentiful,There are various goldenrain tree、Chinese flowering crabapple、Red maple、Purple Ye Li、The cherry blossom, etc30A variety of green seedlings,You are always welcome to visit my nursery,To discuss cooperation。

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   Jining green seedling base is located in the northern suburbs of jining Li Ying nursery stock base。Is the largest garden base in our country,Main varieties:Platane、Fast-growing platane、Modelling platane、Platane rootstocks、Ash、Fast-growing Chinese wax、Ash seedlings、Pagoda tree、Pagoda tree seedlings、Weeping willows、The meadow、Goldenrain tree,Crape myrtle,The pentagon maple,Chinese pagoda tree,Golden,Purple Ye Li,Ginkgo biloba,Big leaf privet,The size of hitom, etc all kinds of nursery stock,Products are exported to jiangsu、Shanghai、Beijing、Tianjin、Liaoning、Henan、Hebei、Anhui province、Shanxi、More than a dozen provinces and cities in Inner Mongolia, etc。 Jining green seedling base, sincerely welcome your arrival。We will with high quality products,Considerate service,The most reasonable price,By the good faith for the purpose,For the survival by the quality,Welcome everywhere merchants to patronize!Yanzhou from jining or bus station、The railway station to get off phone contact。 Jining green seedling base has the variety、Complete specification、High purity、Good quality、The characteristics of the low price,Was deeply loved by the masses of customers,Since its inception,Always in line with the market oriented,以客户为至上的经营宗旨,The good faith management,Mutual benefit business philosophy,Won the praise and trust of customers and peers。

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