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Investor Relations

The company address:Chengdu high-tech zone west dickon avenue7Number

The phone:028-87877333 Fax:028-87877388 Zip code:611731

Cluster bridge distribution center address:Wuhou district CuQiao Township Ma Jiahe

The phone:028-85028383 Fax:028-85022127 Zip code:610000

Kosi distribution center address:XiHe Town steel village two groups

The phone:028-84821008 Fax:028-84821307 028-84821309

The salween distribution center address:The salween xinhua road1Segment45Number

The phone:028-61304791、028-61534702

The phone:028—85581909 028—85581119

Huang Zhicheng 15882057030

Chen Lin 18280110097