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  •     Anhui shunda group was established2007Years8Month8Day,Fixed assets3.5One hundred million yuan,Employees800More than one,One is big、Secondary technical staff accounted for40%The above。Group economic potentiality is abundant,Developing rapidly,Currently has huaibei city shunda trade co., LTD、Huaibei shunda real estate development co., LTD、Huaibei city daming concrete co., LTD、Xuzhou fu embellish DE wine co., LTD、Suzhou city insein new building materials co., LTD、SuiXi County shunda small loan co., LTD、Anhui high food co., LTD、Anhui nature of swine breeding co., LTD、Huaibei city cut corn seed-breeding cooperatives, etc9Subsidiaries... [Learn more about>>]
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To have a letter
    Believe oneself is a person to act、The root of an enterprise based on the society,Is well versed in social ethics relation of a universal moral principles。“No, believe it or not,Companies without the letter peaceful,Zheng no letter will be failed。”Especially under the market economy,The credibility of enterprise's brand,Is competitive,Is the lifeline。The enterprise must trust in society,Trust in employees,Trusted by customers。
Good for business
    The basic requirement of DE is adapt to nature、The objective of social and human need to do things,Don't violate the rules of the development of the natural and social ethics。Enterprises should take moral as a code of conduct and planning,To the society、Employees、The customer is responsible for、Don't hurt others,Don't damage the interests of other enterprises and other social organizations。Also require workers to have professional ethics,To have a good social ethics and personal character。
In order to people
    Honesty is honest、Sincere、The good faith、Sincere、Loyalty。To be honest in business、Not false、No fraud;Treat the social enterprise、Employees and customers will have the sincerity,Don't deceive people。Enterprises both internally and externally,To form sincerity earnestly、Be open and friendly atmosphere。
    And the connotation of harmony、Cheerfulness、The gas generative、Works together。Companies up and down to have a harmony atmosphere,Rendering the whole dharmadhatu,This is the most important guarantee of the healthy development of enterprises。Employees and enterprises to follow,Work together,Overcome the difficulties together,Conspiracy to enterprise development。Every aspect to highlight the harmonious enterprise and society、Make the enterprise has a good external environment。
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