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Jinhui taxus cork craft products factoryIs located in shenzhen baoan district ShaJing Town east loop103A third floor, the blue sky science and technology park ,The traffic is very convenient。With technology development team20Years of experience in cork handicraft processing level、The independent innovation of the production line、Perfect management system、Be we have the guarantee of high quality for a long time。We always make use of the rich、High quality natural cork resource main production processing customized various cork products for the guest:In fiber board pad、Cork coasters、Cork eat mat...

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Cork(Taxus)Cup mat what we can do it

Cork(Taxus)Cup mat what we can do it

Cork(Taxus)Coasters cork coasters is commonly used in the restaurant,The coffee shop,Hotels and other public eating places,Can improve image advertising act the role ofing is tasted。Cup mat、Non-toxic、No peculiar smell、Waterproof and moistureproof、Oil resistance、Elastic environmental protection。Has the impact resistance、No deformation、、Durable, etc。Are negative can add buy printing companyLOGO、The image、Products、Advertising、Contact is more outstanding,Closer to people's life,The strong friction to prevent the glass、China cups

Cork coasters how to clean

Cork coasters how to clean

Cork coasters how to clean?Cup mat can't eat mat in use to avoid dirty or there are oil stains in the cork cup mat,The cork coasters can clean?How to wash?Promotes cork coasters cork coasters manufacturer today and everybody said,First of all, cork coasters can be washed,If there is oil,We can also use detergent to clean,And then rinse off with clear water,And then to dry can。

Cork coasters absorb it

Cork coasters absorb it

For cork coasters absorb about this problem,Shenzhen jinhui cork coasters factory today,With all of you do an experiment,The cork coasters not bibulous。We can see from the picture above,Water droplets on the surface of the cork coasters,The condensed water droplets,This prove that small amount of water for cork coasters is not affected,You can see cork is not suction cup mat,Waterproof and has good performance,But do not represent cork coasters can soak all the time