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    Longquan triad hall of traditional Chinese medicine co., LTDIs a professional engaged in the production and processing enterprises,Have in the country10Many medicinal food bacteria production base,Engaged in the development of medicinal food bacteria processing and sales,With zhejiang university for a long time、Shanghai institute of edible fungi, technical cooperation,Is located in the longquan, zhejiang industrial park, fang wild headquarters big intersection“Ganoderma lucidum”,Covers an area of10m,The construction area4000Square meters,Investment4000More than ten thousand yuan,Successfully developed a broken GLS、Superfine black agaric powder、Superfine hericium powder、Superfine maitake powder four products,By zhejiang university,Completed the wall at low temperature、Superfine powder grinding two major breakthrough technology and separation of heavy metals。

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1G-30Small carton pack

1G-30Small carton pack

Amd(The wall)Hericium powder

Gastrointestinal busters

Amd(The wall)Maitake powder-Chemotherapy drugs against-A person with diabetes of the gospels

Amd(The wall)Black agaric powder

The undisputed scavengers of the blood

Zhengda ganoderma lucidum

100G-5Packet jin pack cartons

2G-126G double paper wooden gift box

2G-126Double carton

2G-2Bales jins of wooden gift box

2G-2Bales jins of cartons

50G--10Packet jin pack cartons

100G--5Packet jin pack cartons

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Contact address:Zhejiang longquan industrial park, fang1Comprehensive plot on the east to4Plant

League Department People :Mr Fang Hongqiang

Contact phone:183-5785-6889

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