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  The company is located in jiangnan city zhangjiagang east desertification study industrial park,Shanghai in the east、In the south of suzhou、The Yangtze river in the north,Waterway transportation developed。

  The company was founded in1975Years,To produce medicine、Dye intermediates。For the private enterprise。The company covers an area of16000Square meters。The construction area:5000Square meters。Existing fixed assets1000Ten thousand yuan;Existing staff68People,One of them:Technical personnel6People。Products are mainly exported,For the main export countries:South Korea、Taiwan、Germany、The United States、Such as the UK。

  In recent years,The company is committed to chlorotoluene as raw material,The oxygen oxidation technology,A series of chlorobenzoic acid production、Two chlorobenzoic acid。Used for pesticide、Medicine、Dye intermediates。The annual output3000Tons...

The ground The address:Jiangsu zhangjiagang east sand industrial park
Mail Make up:215619
Pass The true:0512-58633008
The electricity Words:13906245857
Mail Box:sales@carida.com.cn
 Chlorobenzoic acid
 2,3-Two chlorobenzoic acid
 2,4-Two chlorobenzoic acid

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