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Horizontal putty powder mixer

Dry powder mixing unit

Dry powder mixing unit

2Tons of dry mortar mixing unit

9DSL-2Electric furnace

9DSL-3Electric furnace

9GSL-5Type track skip

Forage grass dust removal in addition to iron machine

Products sell like hot cakes

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ChoiceSong weiThe reason!

Henan provinceFamousEnterprise

Dry powder mixer enterprise authority
Authoritative enterprise

》Song wei over 20 years experience in powder mixer industry service,Save a lot of problems for you;
》For many years the national sales leads,Service enterprises;
》For many years into the national farm machinery promotion product catalog,And the famous brand of henan province;

Offers a variety of form a complete set of equipment,Complete one-stop shopping

One-stop shopping


》We offer a variety of form a complete set of equipment for customers to choose,Can complete one-stop shopping;
》The whole country20Multiple service network,We will do our best to provide convenient service for you;
》In time for you to solve mixer in use、The problems about accessories reserves ;

Song wei employees are to receive welfare Mid-Autumn festival
Two days before the Mid-Autumn festival,The company to get welfare ready in advance,This morning8:30To receive welfare Mid-Autumn festival。
The application of the powder mixer features
Scope of application of dry powder mixer:Dry powder mixer is a new type of high efficient mixing equipment,Widely used in the putty paste、Really stone paint、Dry powder、Be bored with child、Medicine、Food、Chemicals、Feed、Ceramics、Refractory materials such as powders、The powder mixed with glue of grout。
All food mixer series are unloaded
Inner Mongolia mr.wong ordered before,All food mixer,Dust removal in addition to iron machine,Electric furnace,At the beginning of this month sent to Inner Mongolia,The time of day,This shipment is under unloading。Traveling to have our design engineer and general manager,The main purpose of this to is to ask used by user's opinion,We want to learn good opinion,The device is doing fine,It is more convenient to operate。
How to reduce the putty powder mixer outage rate?
Zhengzhou song wei machinery specializing in the production of putty powder mixer,Putty powder mixing machine、Putty powder production equipment,Form a complete set of automatic weighing and packing machine!One stop shopping,Factory direct sale,To save time for you,The province,To save money! 20Years of professional powder mixer,Putty powder mixer,The phone18039679111
Inner Mongolia mr.wong ordered10Taiwan mixer is the crush
Inner Mongolia mr.wong is already the third purchase our blender,This time the order directly10Taiwan5The cubeTMRAll food mixer,This mixer for zap、The sheep in,Is specially mixing forage,Mr.wong over a period of a visit to the factory before,Satisfied with the special equipment effect。So this time only a one-time order10TaiwanTMRAll food mixer。
A new chapter in the New Year——Dry powder mixer orders continuously!
New Year new atmosphere,A new mood in the New Year。  We can give away2018Years,Ushered in the new2019Years,The New Year,A new beginning。In the New Year,Zhengzhou song wei machinery manufacturing co., LTD. For a good start,All over the country new and old customers to inquire order constantly powder mixer,The beginning of the production workshop employees thriving rushed powder mixer。  Song wei brand powder mixer quality is reliable,High cost performance,Make the coating industry、Aquaculture industry choice of friends。If you need,I happened to be professional,Welcome general customers friends to inquire。

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