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For many years production experience,Founded in1993Years

  • 2016-3-16
    Stereo garage can reflect what characteristic ranking,Do you know?
    From the stereo garage rankings can see good in the short term to realize automation of high efficiency,And the use of mechanical operation of three-dimensional garage there exists no problem of noise pollution and so on。Not only that,In many simple three-dimensional garage,Also can see the economy,Is advantageous to the reasonable planning and design of use...
  • 2016-9-15
    Three-dimensional garage development prospects in the future
    When it comes to parking seems to have a lot of people are full of bitter,Because the money to buy a car,But it has no place to park the car,Parking place have to around the parked car,Including some public Spaces are now sold by developers,So now really is a good buy house,Parking is hard to find,So the future society...
  • 2016-12-26
    See stereo garage images can also reflect the product quality
    But now a lot of work to promote the garage personnel in pushing the sale of time to show you some pictures,That includes some pictures stereo garage,When you see those beautiful pictures on the picture,Perhaps we really tempted,Think that a product is what I want,So if just by picture...

Company introduction

Company introduction
Suzhou fangyuan safety equipment co., LTD is one specialized is engaged in the intelligent parking equipment and the mine shaft sinking equipment research and development、Design、Production、Manufacturing、The installation、Maintenance in a body's high technology and new technology enterprise。The company was founded in1993Years,Is located in suzhou city, anhui province economic development zone, white all west outer ring road,The registered capital5000Ten thousand yuan,Cover an area of an area20m,The construction area10000Square。 The company has engaged in the research、The development of senior titles of technical team of mechanical parking equipment,Throughout the year...

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