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    Tapping machine
     The second knuckle arm electric tapping machine
     Three arm electric tapping machine
     Pneumatic tapping machine
     Non-standard automatic tapping machine
     Gear automatic tapping machine
    Marking machine
     Laser marking machine
     Pneumatic marking machine
     Nameplate marking machine
    Environmental protection equipment
    Gantry CNC drilling and tapping machine
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    The workbench
    Floating type electric tapping pause table
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    Our service concept:No service is one of the best service,To ensure the quality of the products
    Personalized service:According to different service object、Different needs,Provide solutions in a timely manner。
    Scientific services:In realistic、Strives for realism、The spirit of the speed,Improved technology,To promote the service quality。
    Focus on service:Through rigorous practical pre-market after-sales service,Let customer satisfaction。
    Standardized services:Specification is embodied in scientific corporate governance structure、Perfect rules and regulations and effective prevention and control mechanism,Formed a set of covering each link of the company business quality guarantee system,To ensure the orderly operation of business processes。

    Our values
    Enthusiasm─We insist on the enthusiasm and vigor,A high degree of service enthusiasm and professionalism。
    The good faith─We are sincere the steady operation,Building a company good faith image,Win customers trust。
    Focus─We use technology to win。Solid theoretical basis;Excellent field experience,Can let our customer experience real service。
    Innovation-We move forward together with the partners,And scientific advancement,And social advancement。
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    Shandong laiwu pillar wang machinery co., LTD in one hundred
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          Shandong laiwu pillar wang machinery co., LTD in one hundred Dedicated to all kinds of auto parts products、Machinery manufacturing and other mechanical size enterprises,Provide one-stop marking service,Including laser marking、Pneumatic marking、Welding words marking、Nameplate marking、All kinds of non-standard professional marking project。
          Has technology can according to the actual condition of production and product characteristics of the user,Tailored for the user meet the need of actual manufacture non-standard industrial laser application system。Look for any user from the finest point to,Initial one-on-one communication start to care and to understand the needs of the customers,To solve practical problems,Users to buy not only products,But a comprehensive service!

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