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Zhangjiagang, precision machinery technology co., LTD
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Address:Zhangjiagang city yangshe town long road10Number

     Zhangjiagang, precision machinery technology co., LTD,Is located in zhangjiagang mayor road10Number。The company was set up2Years,Has the production、Debugging、The test site3000Square meters,Office space600Square meters,The test、Processing equipment23Sets,Is an affiliated to zhangjiagang economic and technological development zone of high-tech private enterprises。The existing staff50People,Master's degree or above18People,Company research and development team has“One thousand plan”Guest experts2Name,Dr Degree employees5Name,Strong technical force,Won the“The feature of domestic leading team”、“Suzhou gusu talent team”And“Zhangjiagang city business leader team”Such as the honorary title。2014In joint zhangjiagang economic and technological development zone、Zhangjiagang nanjing university of science and engineering technology research institute was established”Mechanical industry CNC machine features performance testing and reliability key laboratory”And plan was established”Nc machine tool features national testing center”And”Nc machine tool features national engineering laboratory。

    Company's main direction for high-end intelligent equipment、Industrial measurement and control technology、Precision feature、Intelligent robots and machine tool remanufacturing,Collection of technology transfer、Hardware and software system development、The third party test、Precision parts and components production and sales、Intelligent equipment customization、Intelligent equipment production and sales service in a body。

    My company's products to fill the domestic blank,With completely independent intellectual property rights,To apply for the authorization60Invention patent,Custom18National and industry standards,Is widely recognized in the industry。Set up a year partners including shaanxi hanjiang machine tool co., LTD、Nanjing process equipment manufacturing co., LTD、National quality supervision and inspection center for machine tool、Shenyang machine tool(Group)Co., LTD。


Screw stroke error of dynamic measurement system
Guide life and rated dynamic load test rig
Guide accuracy stable test rig
Service robots
Intelligent guide robot
Screw accuracy stable test rig
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Contacts:Europe until A mobile phone:18118119965/13914778699 The phone:0512-58592075 Fax:0512-58592075 Address:Zhangjiagang city yangshe town long road10Number
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