• The product name:Pipes and non self supporting cable into the air - GYFTA

    • The product name:Duct and non self supporting overhead line - GYFTW

    • The product name:All dielectric self supporting aviation optical fiber cableADSS

    • The product name:All the dielectric enhancement fiber optic cable - GYFTY73

    • The product name:All the dielectric enhancement fiber optic cable - GYFTY83

  • Linan and premium cable co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful hangzhou linan,Traffic developed,Sea transport convenience,Products can be directly shipped to the world's major ports。The company is integrated wiring,Two industrial sector as the core of coaxial cable joint stock company。Perfect domestic logistics service,Ensure the goods convenient promptly sent to the hands of the domestic various provinces and cities dealers。

    • In the next five years six cable technology power cable enterprise winning advantage
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        In the next five years,High temperature superconducting technology、Carbon fiber cable、Environmental protection material、Copper aluminum generation technology、Aluminium and rare earth optimization technology“Thin small craft”The six big cable technology will help enterprises win the advantage。High temperature superconducting technology has a relatively low price、Large capacity、The loss is low、No electromagnetic pollution...

    • According to the relevant report special cable rapidly rising in domestic demand
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        In recent years,With the rapid development of national economy,Special cable demand sharp growth。Shipbuilding、Railway、The plane、The space、The oil、Chemical industry、Metallurgy and nuclear power industries such as the demand of special cable increases year by year。Due to the expansion of the whole market capacity,Special cable is also so good...

    • Forecasts the future development trend of wire and cable industry in China
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        Our country nearly thousands of wire and cable scale enterprise,One of them97%Is the small and medium-sized enterprises,The average utilization rate of equipment in30%-40%,Far below the utilization rate of equipment in the world70%The above levels;90%The above capacity is concentrated in low-end products,The industry average on research and development funds...