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County labor lurking jointly organized with the Thai capsule company staff skills trainingIn order to improve the staff's comprehensive quality and skill levels,My company and the labor lurking in wuning county2019Years8Month21-27Jointly organized by the day2019Employee skills and employment training course for poverty alleviation。This time...2019-08-31For details
Warmly celebrate aung tai capsule products export success2019Years7Month24Day,Jiujiang, tai capsule co., LTD., a truck full of capsule products sent to Shanghai,Via Shanghai export to the Philippines。To develop the overseas market,In the company2018Years6Nanchang month was founded...2019-07-24For details
The county party committee secretary Du Shaohua in-depth research to guide the work of company7Month3On the afternoon,The county party committee secretary Du Shaohua in the county party committee of the standing committee、Minister of united front theme and depicting county industrial park、County bureau of ministry、Accompanied by the unit principal responsible person of county bureau of statistics,,Come to aung company...2019-07-06For details
Leon company party branch to carry out“July 1”Thematic party day activity7Month1Monday morning,Leon company party branch organization held a celebration of all party members"July 1"Thematic party day activity,To commemorate the great communist party of China98Anniversary。Activities,All party members are the collective learning...2019-07-02For details

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