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13971947883(The dragon's manager)

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       Xiaogan f dragon star household dredge products factory was established in2005Years。Company is located in xiaogan high-tech industrial park,The leading creator is clean dredging industry!
       It was founded,After years of development,Now has a variety of products,Employees experience Rich,Advanced facilities,Efficient management,Is the collection scientific research and development,Design,Production,The sale is a body The enterprise。In order to provide security to the people all over the world、Comfortable,Convenience products,The dragon will be accumulated Based on the experience knowledge and technology of today,Create valuable innovation activities。

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Xiaogan f dragon star household dredge machine manufactory

The general manager:Leoco wu
Contact phone number:0712-2367109
A mobile phone:13971947883    13971494395
The business license code:92420900MA48QWE180
The site of factory:Xiaogan filial piety han avenue silver lake park22No plants
Wuhan total distribution:Hanzhong r wuhan financing JunWei plastic market8Number